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hello matt and mike

my 88 420 has the same problem which is one of my to do items.

where did you find the leather replacement material?

i've been studying on this for a while now and i'm thinking spray adhesive would give the best finish but not sure how critical that is. mike when you spread the glue with card board how was the spread looking ? pretty level.

my pillar gets it where my fat butt gets in the car down low so i was thinking about only doing a partial just enough to cover the wear point.

i once did my bronco and i used contact cement what about something like that. you'd have to have plenty of material so you could cut it back. but you can really stretch as you are applying. of course you can't make any mistakes cause once that stuff touches itself that is all she wrote.

we just started her back up today after the engine work i did. hasn't run since january 2002 but started right up and the motor sounds super. we've got about 10 coats of leatherique on the interior and she is really looking good. should get my wood back any day now. new 18 inch wheels should be here any day this coming week. i'm like that kid in a candy shop.

thanks for the input
Thanks Much!

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