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thinking about 1994 140c's, with about 60k-70k on them, i tuned into the mbna website on friday night.

just down the road from houston is a reportedly immaculate 1997 s500c with only 20k miles. the colors aren't my favorites, but i telephoned this morning to hold it until i can make the drive on sunday to see it. good thing i did. within an hour of my phone call and deposit, someone else saw it and wanted to buy it. car was on the lot for less than 24 hours.

m-b dealer has starmarked it.

i don't know whether that is a good sign or not, but as sacco classic, if the car is as clean as it should be at 20k miles, it would seem to be a no-brainer.

i must say, however, that i have seen the autonation dealerships in houston starmark cars that did not pass my inspection. hidden alison flood damage was my assessment.

so, what do you guys think of a 1997 w140c with 20k miles? all options.

all ears,

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