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Check with MB

Albert, could be a real find... but, suggest caution. As I said in my earlier posting, I really love my '96 S500 Coupe. The 96 and 97 are virtually identical.
Anyway, dealer I bought mine from claimed it was Starmarked. I ran a CARFAX report on the VIN... it said Starmark by MB. Dropped by a Mercedes dealer, ran the VIN, and guess what... it was NOT Starmarked. Called the dealer that reportedly Starmarked the car ... gave them the VIN... they never heard of the car and swore it never came thru their dealership. I was able to negotiate the price accordingly.
Bottom line is to check.
To repeat my earlier posting.. make sure everything works!
If all is well, I bet you'll enjoy the car. Let us know what you decide to do.
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