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Don't have any detailed instructions for you, but at least a couple of things to check.
First, the fuses sometimes don't easily show that they're blown.
Check the relevant fuse(s) with a VOM to show continuity (resistance should be about 0 ohms), and make sure the fuse connections are clean. If there's enough power to turn over the starter vigorously, the battery and its main connections should be fine. Also, turn the ignition on and listen for the fuel pump to run, at least for a few seconds; it's behind the rear differential and should be audible if you've got the car door open. Someone more expert than I am can instruct on actually checking fuel pump output.
If there's an ice problem, the car will need to have been in warm enough conditions long enough to melt same--but then you'll have the problem of dewatering. If you added stabilizer to the gas before storing (you DID do that, didn't you?), that's less likely to be an issue.
That's a start--hope it helps!
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