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140 alarm problem update

I tried grounding the connecter all ready.

WHen reinsert the fuses I belive they are #2 - 7.5 amps and #15-25 amps in the REAR fuses compartment ion the trunk. #15 ( the 25 amp one ) silences the horn. IF I leave in the 7.5A fuse I can use the inside drivers door lock button.

MY car will start with the alarm sounding!?? \

ALso the when I repower the alarm system the lights "Flash" green and when I open any door or the trunk the alrm goes off.

Sounds to me that the brains are stuck ALWAYS ON or a switch is constantly on. the flashing green light is what bugs me!
Also when I lock any door or trunk the light flashes red. It does NOT turn green when I UNLOCK the system.?????
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