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Tappet Noise

I finally tracked down the noise on my car, not good news, I made a partial valve cover so I could run the engine and isolate the valve set making the noise. You need this as the engine pumps an amazing amount of oil to the heads and this ends up all over the floor. The valve set in question is number 1 exhaust but could not stop the noise no matter what I did, I eventually removed the rocker arm and the valve springs and pushed a piece of hose over the valve stem so that I could lift it up and down and found that the noise is coming from the valve making contact with the valve seat. This could mean two things
1. The exhaust valve is slightly bent.
2. I think the most likely The valve seat is loose in the head.

So Im in for a heads off job to rectify it, not really looking forward to that and it looks like I will have to purchase some special tools to do the job. I have been through the hydraulic lifters a good number of times now, so if you have a problem with them let us
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