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Paul F.
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I am having a problem with my 85 190 2.3 that has been going on for several months now. In the morning it is semi-difficult to start. Once started it runs very rough till things warm up. Then it runs great. If it is run for a while and then shut off for say 30-40 mins, its very difficult to start. Sometimes taking 3 trys with 10-12 seconds cranking. Fuel filter and pump are new. FPR can be eliminated. I was told by one mechanic to replace the fuel accumulator, but when i was going to order it, the salesperson said not to waste the money on the accumulator, that leaky injectors are a more likely culprit especially if the car has more than 100Kmi. Mine has 165Kmi. Does this sound right? I do have the service CD, and plan on buying the pressure gauge set, but if i can repair it myself sooner i would like too. Thanks so much in advance for any advise.

Paul F
85 190 2.3
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