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Clay All The Way


well i just got to share the news. my little 72 350sl has been abused for 2 winters now.

i bought it 11/01 drove it up to indiana from so fla and parked it in the drive. it had a fresh pro paint job that year. i left it there all winter. didn't do anything to it till 11/02 and i half heartedly polished it. i went all the way bought a variable speed polisher the one like a angle grinder. went to the local automotive paint supply bought all the foam pads, green tape, liquid polish you name it i bought it.

well the grinder was heavy and beat me up pretty bad holding it out at arms length. so after about 3 hours of work i had accomplished to get a somewhat decent shine but i could feel the little rough grit still in the paint.

so you'll know i live in nw indiana with all the steel mills and oxide mfgs and we get a pretty good amount of fall out.

after that polish attempt i finally got the garage cleaned out so we parked her in the garage. well that lasted only little over a month. had to do some work on the tractor/snow thrower. so out comes the 350. well it sat again during the snow and freezing tempts. so it has seen 2 indiana winters.

today i went out about 5pm (it's now 7pm) and i put the clay to it. now i couldn't find mequirers, didn't want to use mothers so i went with what the paint people used. it's called hi temp and i used mequires #34 as a lubricant.

the paint was terribly gritty and i think that was my problem when i attempted to polish her last year. just took too much effort to get the paint smooth and actually it never did get smooooth. slide a towel and it was like it had rubber skid pads. it just stopped.

well i washed the car and chamois dried it. then did the clay. i am here to say that clay is the way to get a smooooooth finish. no effort, no fuss even my wife was impressed.

if there is any doubt about clay just give it a try. it is like nite and day. now i know the polish will be much easier cause there is nothing really to drag down the application.

if i haven't said it before "man i love this forum".
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Thanks Much!

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