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AT fluid can be checked via the RED dip stick in the engine bay.... Yours is a 98 model so maybe a bit different but as far as I know, that is where you can check for a 320 model according to the manual. Obviously not the RED dip stick for engine oil!..

i don't understand what you mean by window one shot down. Do you mean it will not AUTO up to the max height? If so, YES it needs re-programming. This can be done by holding down the button fully OPEN for XX seconds and holding down the button to fully CLOSED for XX seconds... When I say holding down I mean you must fully depress the switch, not just the first level. I say XX seconds as I am not sure how long... I think 5 seconds more once fully closed or opened. There is many info on mercedesshop... search for 140 window programming

computer DO adcise many problems... but you will need ETC scanner... available from the states... for 140... JimF have a GREAT site for many info including what scanner to use, and what you can see from existing car compputer.... I don't have the link with me but search for JimF or "cool harness" and click on Jim's www house .
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