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this dealer sold the car originally. took it back in a trade for a new s500. i traveled to examine it today. virtually unused. carfax report is good.

so, i think that i am acquiring it.

dealer offers starmark warranty for 100k in the purchase price. and will offer more warranty as a starmark purchase.

is it worth it?

all i know is that i am going to have to add some garage space. it joins my 1979 6.9, 1986 560sel, 1987 560sec, and e320cab.

it's odd. the literati say that the coupes are unpopular, but i so prefer them to the SL's. my 560sec will run rings around 560sl. and is so much more practical. a real trunk. real leg room. lebensraum. in my view, all things considered, the coupes should be more prized than the SL's.
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