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Sunroof Diagnostic - where to start?

I have searched trying to find my answer but i couldn't come up with anything that answers it. so i was hoping somebody can help me with this.

car: 1984 W126 300SD
problem:sunroof doesn't work.

i got the car 2 month ago. owner said it never worked from the guy he bought it from, and he didn't try to fix anything.

i opened the trunk located the motor couple of questions:

what do i need to check first? is there a fuse? relay? i want to believe it is something this simple first. and where can i find them? on the W116 there are fuses on the sunroof motors (i believe). is their one on these?

is there a way i can hook the motor up to a battery to check if it is working? please advise me on what i should do. i am kinda lost here. thanks
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