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everytime i drive the 6.9 i wish for these things...

1. more seat travel. it is the reason that the 560sel has 248,000 miles. it is a more comfortable car for me.

2. another gear. the 3 speed box is just too noisy. will drive you crazy on the interstate. it needs more. again, the reason that my extraordinarily well-maintained W126 has racked up so many miles.

3. oh the 6.9 is faster than a greased blue snake. but it doesn't have enough brakes for the speeds that it can achieve. scary,really. i have gone to brembo, but as of this date, they tell me they are still studying on it.

all things considered, the 6.9 is a curiosity. i don't think that benz really refined that Q ship. and i don't care what brock adams might say.

over the same road course, i would think the w126 to be provoking less sweat. and maybe even making similar times around a road course with a lot less panic.

the 6.9 needs another gear. needs more brakes. needs more front seat travel[legroom]. if it could get those things, it would be a more user friendly car for this driver.

oddly enough, i ran the e320cab today for a 9 hour, 550 mile run. if it weren't for the wind noise, this is the best balanced car of them all.

everytime i drive it at speed[80mph+] i realize why there is the movement to replace canvas tops with steel. and why sunroofs may have more merit.

so it goes...
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