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oh, though i am a junior member, i know my cars.

and so i want to say this. in a very real sense the w126's pre passenger airbag[1986,1987] were the best production cars ever.

though many didn't like the ride and the road noise - creating the market for lexus - i always considered these the refined versions of my lotus. i used to call them the lotus'es that you could use to take out your customers.

with the introduction of the lexus'es, benzes became japonified. the w140c that i have just acquired is a summation of germans following the japanese.

i wish it didn't have a center console. but it does run. and it runs quietly. a lot more quietly than its predecessor[w126c].

ordinarily, i would not be adding this car to my collection. but i am. because it is the best last work of the best designteam manager in post ww2 automotive history - bruno sacco.

also the most unkown autodesigner of the postwar era.

so it goes.
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