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Angry 600$ Brake job for 500E? Is my dealer on crack?

Greetings everyone,

I just wanted some opinions regarding the front brakes of my 500E. My dealer quoted me approx. 600$ for new front discs and brake pads. I understand that the MB stuff is expensive, but still, I have a hard time believing it could cost as much...

am I being cheap? I just don't understand as I found some brand new ZIMMERMAN discs for 50 bucks a pop...I figure that even if I throw in some good quality pads and stainless steel brake lines I'm way off in price...

So my question is, what would you recommend ?

1) going to the dealer, pay 4 days worth of hard work for a front brake job and cry?

2) buying the Zimmerman discs, some pads and have them changed at an Indy (very good, honest work done, but doesn't specialize in MB)

3) Buying some cross-drilled rotors, green stuff pads, stainless steel lines and get it all fitted at my Indy, for approx the same price as the OE at my dealer.

I read something about the ABS sensor possibly being damaged when having brakes changed at shops who do not specialize in MB...Any feedback on this? I figures since a lot of you work on your cars a good shop should be able to tackle the job, right?

Anyways, all opinions/suggestions greatly appreciated

Nice day everybody,

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