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1992 500sel gauge issue and missfire

I got a 500sel not too long ago partially disassembled. the guy said the fan clutch was bad. reassembled it with a good one guess what? Not the issue. It would start and immediatly stall, i could get it to keep sputtering but no point. had no operable gauges either. the engine injector harness was original and total garbage. found a used one 2014 delphi build date. I installed it tonight and now it will idle but pretty rough. I cleaned the distributor caps and rotors with my dremel and a brass wire wheel but they are pretty pitted. it seems to clear out when you rev it up but its got some thing strange going on with the asr. when the engine is revved sometimes you can hear it change tone and in order to keep it running you have to give it a lot of throttle to the point where the mechanical throttle overtakes the asr actuator, then it will stall when released and the asr light is on on the dash. All of this time even with the new harness i have no gauges working(including speedo and tach) except temp, but there are no warning lights while its running and its illuminated perfectly. The majority or all of the warning lights work when first turning the key to on. i took it for a short spin down the road and i have a vacuum issue with the brakes for sure, they only feel right after the engine gets a pretty good rev. fonzi had the thought that the brake booster could be leaking and causing a big vacuum leak and the terrible idle, but its still got other issues for sure. it seems to wake up and have most of its power over a certain rpm/ throttle position. ive checked all the fuses, it is charging fine, 14.3 Volts. gonna check the booster for leaks but im clueless on the gauge thing.
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