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Reduction In Driving Mileage

I currently drive about 30 miles a day round trip to and from work. In a few months, my company will move and I will be very close to home (2.5 miles - about 10 minutes). I am concerned that I will not be driving my car enough, especially at highway speeds. Are there any tips that I should follow to keep my '99 C230K 'well exercised'? I already use synthetic oil in everything I own (including the lawn mower and snow thrower). I intend to switch off cars with my wife every other week as she does some highway driving to work. Would it be a good idea to get a block warmer to pre heat the car on winter mornings so it can get close to a normal operating temp? Will the FSS indicator adapt itself to my new driving style?

Thanks for your help. Is anyone in SE Pa. going to the Tech Session in West Chester this weekend? It should be great as always!
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