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I have intermittent tapping in my 1.8 while driving.When i stop, shift to N or P and rev, it's not there.

When I shift to D and drive, it's there.It is audible around 1500rpm and gets louder as the revs increase.

When I let off the accelerator, it gets softer and disappears. When I step on the accelerator again, it gets louder.Then as mysteriuosly as it comes, it disappears.This may happen with a cold or warm engine.

It's a sewing machine-like sound.

Does this sound like the lifters/belt tensioner shock?

If it were the lifter, wouldn't the tapping be there regardless whether i rev in N, P or D.As it is, the tapping is only heard WHILE driving.

I'm stumped, and worried...

Could it be a drivetrain issue?

Did you get any of these symptoms?

Babybenz 1991 190e 1.8
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