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I remembered something that applies perfectly here. In '91, while my 240D was a young pup that I was proud of and babied in every way, I bought a new 1Ton for use around the place. It was in a town about 45 miles away and I decided to drive my new truck home and leave the 240D there. They assured me they would lock it up and all that.

When I got back to pick it up, the shifter was messed up bad. Some gorilla tried HARD to get it in Reverse without lifting the stick. I would be willing to bet that if the car had belonged to him, he would have not forced anything, but found out a way to get it in reverse without ruining anything.

There is probably no one who will offer your car or any of your other posessions the same respect that you will.

It's ALL about attitude.

Have a great day,
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