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you are not alone. Same thing with my manual 190e, when i took it in for emissions testing. HAD TO place a sticker on the stick shift indicating how to get into REVERSE (pull up, left then back, but this is not apparent from the indicated pattern on the shift knob). I know it is a challenge to shift smoothly in my car, and i can only imagine someone unfamiliar with it abusing the drivetrain.

when i got my car back from the scheduled lube service at benz, there was an additional whine coming from the driveline or wheels. Better not be the transmission ...

i never valet park my car, for the same reason.

i know a lot of people who unknowingly abuse their cars because they simply treat it as an appliance and are not enthusiasts. They have no understanding of, or compassion for the machinery ... And they don't worry or care ...

i guess this is a car guy's lot in life ...

on the other hand, being a nitpick with my car has paid me back in an unexpected way. When i needed to sell my previous car (non-benz) as soon as possible, my friend bought it with no quesitons because he knew what a nitpick i was ...
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