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My last reply to this thread indicated that the re-balancing of my wheels by the dealer had improved the vibration situation a great deal. However, that was during a period of very cold weather and I believe that the front lower control arm bushings were "stiffened" up due to low temperature. As the weather moderated and the temperature came up into the 50's and 60's, the vibration returned. So back to the dealer. This time the shop manager came out to the rack, took a long pry bar and put some side-wise force on the bushing. The driver's side was very mushy and the other side somewhat less so. They said they would replace the bushings. However, when they went to press the old bushings out of the control arms, their tool broke - I think that may answer the question above. Their solution was to order new control arms with busings pre-installed. Car is supposed to be finished today. I'll let you know how it feels after I drive it for a bit.
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