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Mattman.. if you would like to check this out, there is a process to doing so. Its about 15 minutes long.. so here is how to remove the box without damagind any wood, etc.

Unscrew the two screws off the speaker grill on the door. These two screws are on the bottom. Once the grill is off, you will have an easier access to unscrewing the third screw off of the door arm pull. Then unscrew the 2nd screw which is in the middle of the door arm pull.

pop out the power door knobs. Then gently pop out the black plastic cover. You will know be able to see the box. It is screwed in with 2 brass colored screws, one on each side. You will not be able to remove this yet... so you need to do the following to have it come out...

pop out the plastic piece inside the silver inner-door handle. there will be one small screw in the middle.. unscrew that. Pull back the black metal piece that was held down and it will expose the 3rd and final screw of the door arm pull. Then you will be able to pop out the power seat box with out any problems. Make sure all 4.. i believe there were 4 plugs are secured properly. If these plugs are secured.. then sorry that i put you through this process.. but it was worth a check. I doubt that this is a fuse related issue because you would have no movement of the seat at all in this case.

Tell me how it goes... and good luck.
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