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This has happened . . . .

on my '94 S500 at least three time in four years! At very unexpected times to boot! Nothing was replaced, battery was not removed, etc..

All times it was fixed by following the 'sketchy' procedure given in your Owners Manual on page 68. It states:
If the door windows cannot be fully opened or closed automatically by pressing the button past the point of resistance (e.g. after the vehicle battery change), press the UP SIDE of the power window switch until the window is completely closed and hold for additional 2 seconds. Repeat the procedure for each window.
The automatic full opening and closing procedure of the door windows should now be restored.

As I remember, I also moved the windows down to the bottom also holding the switch for a few seconds after the window bottomed. Then repeated this at the top doing this LAST!

Also found that the Mercedes "2 seconds" can be more like "5" or "6". But this procedure (as modified) worked like a charm!
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