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I just fixed the gear selector light bulb in my TD(W123), so I can chime in here. First take out your ashtray and the braket that it sits in. Slide the whole console wood back a bit. There is a single alignment pin at the backend. This would be where the wood goes down to meet the carpet, behind the window switches. Once this pin is out, you can carefully remove the wood. To make it a bit easier, you could pop out the window switches and hazard switch, first. With this out of the way, on the left side of the gear selector you will see a wire that runs into the side of the selector housing, this is where the bulb is. Just take a small flat head and pry it out. I can't remember what size it was. My lighting problem wasn't a bad bulb, it was a loose ground. So, you could check for that.
As for a '93 W124 chassis, I am sure the procedure would be the same. Of course with any of this, you have to be careful not to break the wood console.
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