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Originally posted by mark cummins
I Have Had problems With Factory Cross drilled Rotors...
on My last Porsche Turbo the Front rotors cracked between the crossdrilled holes..
My 911 Turbo also did this, though the rotors and pads were usually shot by the time the cracking appeared. I did appreciate the drilling while driving the car in the wet, but not sure how much they contributed to dry braking performance. That said, the braking ability of that car was akin to throwing out an anchor. Max Perf tires were the ONLY ones up to the task of being bolted to those monster brakes.

I had a chance to drive a Turbo-look car once. It was non-turbo engine with the turbo chassis, complete with the monster brakes. Without the added go-juice of the turbo engine, that car had unreal braking power. Since it couldn't generate the high straight speeds, it never cooked the brakes at all when the braking point was reached. Nice combo.

My car could hurt you with the seatbelts when A-032R's were fitted.

BTW, the prices of the E500 brake job sound on the money for a dealer job. Be thankful you're not dealing with AMG-branded parts. Not for the faint of heart. My C36's rear axle alone was double the cost for both axles on the C230.
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