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The following is an exerpt from another thread. Hope it helps


>thx for the input. I have actually searched and read all the >posts, and I have the following as my plan to inspect:
>1. idle control valve
>2. idle air valve
>3. Fuel injector nozzles(holders, hoses, guides)
>4. recheck all vaccuum lines

>I would appreciate if there are more tips/guidance from the >experts.

>thx again,

>You missed my thread on the fuel distributor screens getting >partially plugged from rust from a rusted fuel line. After 1 year or >more of a miss at idle - new fuel lines and cleaning the screens >to the injector lines cured my miss at idle. Just to be clear - my >miss was not major - just annoying to see engine move and feel >the random miss. Pick up and acceleration was perfect.

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