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Unhappy SL evaporator replacement

So its starting to warm up, and that means I have to replace the evaporator on my 1990 300SL that has been leaking since late last summer. My local MB shop quoted $3400 to R&R, and another independant shop wanted $2900. So it looks like it will be a DIY job. I know it will take a considerable amount of time, as the shop quoted 22 hours to do the job.

Questions - can anyone tell me the order of removal of parts from the dash to get to the evaporator? Start with the radio, climate control then center console? I understand there are a myriad of wires and servo's, and I'm sure if they are removed in the right order it would make things much easier.

My plan is to replace the parts and let a qualified shop evacuate and charge the system. What parts should I replace besides the evaporator? Dryer, maybe?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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