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450 SLC 5.0
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I hope that someone out there can help me out with this Ė maybe Iíve missed something? This has really got me stumped. It is my U.S. spec 1980 450 (M117-985 engine) It is the first year of oxygen sensor & 3 way catalyst. This car has been fanatically maintained by me for the last 8 years, (I am the second owner) I have always used synthetic oil, and the internals are immaculate (not even any cam lobe wear) It burns oil at the rate of about one quart every 1200-1500 miles. It has about 240,000 miles on it.

Problem: Really Rough idle, but occasionally is O.K. (maybe 5% of time).

ALL ignition components are either new (plugs, wires, cap & rotor) or have been swapped out with parts from a good running car Ė (coil, ballast resistors, ignition control box).

1. Compression is good across all cylinders.
2. NO vacuum leaks.
3. Lambda control system is functioning properly & mixture is set properly.
4. Ignition timing is correct, and total advance is correct.
5. Warm up regulator seems to function properly, but I havenít checked the actual pressures. Since the problem occurs at any temperature, I donít believe that it is likely at fault.
6. All injectors were replaced 3 months ago with new brass ones.
7. At the same time, I took the center plunger out of the fuel distributor and cleaned it with carb cleaner. I did not take apart the individual pressure regulators (duhhh). The car ran beautifully for 3 months since then, so I didnít screw that up.
8. I have run several types of ďtop endĒ cleaners such as Lubro Molyís Ventil Sauber, Red Lineís cleaner, Techron, and I even used the GM / Delco X-66 that was recommended by one of the regular readers. (AMAZING stuff, by the way!) Therefore the intake valves are as clean as they are going to get unless I take the heads off, which I really donít want to do!

Being that it occaionally idles smoothly, it seems like an intermittent electrical problem but I have checked everything. I know that Iím probably REALLY getting desperate to even think of this Ė but is it possible that the timing chain tensioner could be at fault, intermittently causing a shift in cam timing? Both the chain & tensioner have about 70,000 miles on them. I canít think of anything else Ė do any of you have ANY ideas? Or is it just time for me to bite the bullet and pull the heads off? It seems like I shouldnít have to, considering that the mechanicals are good Ė or do these engines just need a valve job at this mileage in order to clean the carbon off the intake valves?

Desperately Hoping that someone can steer me in the right direction!
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