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I found the a/c relay. Thanks. I think that I am not getting a ground from the control panel. I checked all of the pins on the harness side and this is what I found. 1 ground (31) 2 12v with key on (TD)
3 not used
4 nothing (87Z)
5 12v (15)
6 not used
7 a/c clutch (87)
8 not used
9 not used
10 .8v with key on (KL)
11 not used
12 nothing (T)
Note: relay pins are in ( )
I can get the clutch to engage if jump 12v to pin 7. I think that I should be getting a ground at pin 4 but I'm not. Is this correct or am wrong? Any further info would be appreciated.
Also, are there any CD/ROM service manuals available for my car (W126)?
Thanks again.
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