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99 E430 Sunroof Intermittently Stops While Closing

My 1999 E430 sunroof sometimes intermittently will stop while closing. It will close about an inch then stop. Repeatedly hitting the button will eventually close it. This has happened about 4 times over the last year. I have about 68K miles on it.

Also, twice the sunroof pop up vent would not close when the button was pulled down. It was stuck in the up position. Opening the sunroof (which automatically shuts the pop up vent) closed it though. At the same time, closing the sunroof (I had to open it for the vent to come down) didn't work. I had open up the sunroof vent (which closes the sunroof) to get it to shut. Essentially both the close vent and close sunroof operation didn't work.

It was starting to rain at the time, so I didn't muck with it until I got home. When I got home, parked in the garage, turned off the car, turned on the ignition and the problem went away.

Has anyone experienced this problem or similiar "intermittent" electrical problems?

As a side note, once in a while (every 1-2 months) the stock CD Changer isn't recoginzed. The display shows "No Changer." Stopping and starting the car usually works around this problem. Anybody seen this issue?
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