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recently had to do this. my car was stuck for half a month before i got it figured out.

i don't quite understand where you key is in now. it is broken in the tumbler and is it in number 1 position? if it is then it should be fairly easy to take out. insert a wire (i looked at the new tumber to see how far it goes in before the latch goes down) and make sure it is in all the way. and to take it out it is either turning it counter-clock wise. or poping it out.

but if the thing is not in position 1 and it is stuck in there then that might be bad news. i think it can be anywhere from $5-600 for the dealer to take it out. (disassemble dash, and grind the cylinder out, i am not sure of the procedure)

you can also do a search on it, it has been mention several times before. hope this helps. good luck

oh one more thing. if u can get the key out. try a fresh key that came witht he tumbler. my tumbler came out in 3 pieces, and the new key was the only thing that could turn it.
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