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Have an 87 16V that refuses to idle. Attempt to hold at a steady rpm and it will surge like it is cleaning up and then drop like it is out of gas or loading up. I tend to think out of gas as the plugs are really clean. O.V. relay good, EHA checks out o.k., temp sensors o.k. fuel pressure checked at cold start line (the only one I can tap into) checks out o.k.. fuel relay o.k. I checked the throttle valve swith and my results do not correspond with what the c.d. says. Has anyone ever experienced a problem with one of these? What would the symptoms be? The car has sat for about 6 months and the gas level in the tank got real low. I wondering if maybe it ingested some garbage as when I purged the lines afer the pressure test some rusty looking fluid initially came out and then clean up after the next test. Could a clogged filter cause some strange symptoms? Thanks
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