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I have seen a starmark warranty pay for itself on the first visit to the shop. Granted, dumb things like radios and cd changers are not covered but very expensive problems like oil consumption
and vehicle body harnesses are covered, no sweat.
The dealer does not pay for the repairs, so when we see "Starmark" coverage, we look for anything that needs attention or updating. With most aftermarket contracts, you need
deductibles and an inspection to be satisfied before a repair can be completed. Sometimes it takes several days for an inspector
to show up and see your complaint. "Acceptable Leakage"
is a common term with some insurance contract companies.
Last month, I replaced a complete engine in a 1997 E420 with an "intermittant piston knock". No problem, MB paid the bill and the client paid nothing. Over $30,000 in warranty repairs for him at no cost. I also replaced both front seat heaters, engine harness, shocks, control arms, transmission, instrument cluster,
a/c head unit, injectors, MAF sensor, ect ect ect... all covered!

I would recommend a Starmark to anyone. It really is a great deal.
and it gives the technicians the ability to repair your car as needed without cost to clients.

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