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Thanks for your feedback.

As for the 4-speed manual tranny, I can quite easily get a used 5-speed box from a Merc graveyard around here. How difficult/easy(?) is it to retrofit the 5-speed into my W116. Is it a straighforward bolt-on job or do I need to upgrade the rear axle, etc. By the way, would replacing just the rear differential (with higher ratios) achieve the desired result, i.e., lower rpm's at high speed?




Originally posted by stevebfl:
I would suspect a ring problem is causing the smoke. It's probably causing such blow-by at that speed/load condition that oil is being blown through the PCV system into the intake. Just a guess.

My wife drove a 126 body 280SEL (automatic) for about 13 years. (great car for her and my old college buddy who's wife currently drives it). We also had a 280TE for a shop car for the same years. The difference is engine noise and rpms at road speeds were significant. The SEL easily would go 100mph. The TE felt like it would blow at 80.

I'm not sure what ratio the 4spd carries but its likely that its lower than the automatic if you have those impressions. The TE had much better low end power and we used it to pull a 19ft ski boat that the SEL had a hard time with. A 5spd definitely allows both worlds; low end torque and high speed operation.

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