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Thanks for your reply.
I am considering to purchase a 1989 300E. The owner's mechanic tells him those things need replacement and he forwarded the info. I am in the dark regarding those parts since my car had never had any problems with them.
The car has 123,000 miles and looks excellent inside and very good outside (photos, the car is in Houston). I need to fly out there to do the PPI. He is selling it for $2000, (unbelievable price for what I saw in the pictures). I am planning on flying for a weekend, doing the PPI (perhaps fixing the problems there if I decide to purchase), and driving it back. The owner assures me I can drive it back without problems, but he understands my concerns and desire to fix it before the drive.
I needed to know the level of difficulty before I hop on a plane with some of my tools. I consider myself pretty handy, specially if in need to save some $$$.
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