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Originally Posted by BillGrissom View Post
I doubt "everyone" will reply, so I'll repeat my prior post that the compressor doesn't matter since no liquid refrigerant is stored in the compressor (that would be bad). 2.5 cans of any refrigerant is "about right", but better to use a low-side gage. CA has special R-134A cans w/ spring-loaded valve, which you return for a $10 refund, and you can return w/ left-over refrigerant. Perhaps other states too. If you over-fill, the compressor clutch can start slipping, then soon melts. A problem we see on those 115 F days in Sacramento.
Be aware that all "cans" are not the same size. I have all the vac and charging done at my local A/C shop, and they usually put in between 21-36 oz of 134a in a system. It mostly depends on the pressures. I rely on the experts for this, and also the machines that make it easier. The proper amount of oil is essential as well.......Rich
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