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Thanks, I have a machine and charge by weight. I initially put in 2.5# and then removed it, vacuumed and put 2.3# in. Label calls for 2.9# (x .8 = 2.32#). I miscalculated at first is why I would up at 2.5# initially. When I had 2.5# in system I was seeing 40psi low side at idle. I ran out of time after charging to 2.3# and will have to look at it tomorrow to see what I've got. It may well be doing all it can do in the Ga heat with the stock condenser. I could not feel any difference in vent temp between the two but have not run it enough at 2.3# to really tell.

edit - label calls for 2.9#, not 2.8# as originally stated in post.

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