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My MB is OK, some little problems, but nothing that stops me from driving from NYC to Raleigh, NC and back about twice a month.
I am thinking about giving it to my wife, since she likes it.
I have some friends in Houston, if the car does not pass the PPI and my personal tests, I will just consider it a weekend trip to visit friends (fortunately my sister works for American Airlines, and the plane tickets are reaaally cheap).
I am skeptical myself (sort of too good to be true thing). But my trusty compressor tester, a PPI, and knowledge acquired thru this forum will lead the way.
Another detail, I think the seller is rich, he owns a Porsche, a Volvo and a BMW. He claims in the last 5 years the Benz has seldomly being driven. A car fax is in the works as soon as I get the VIN #.
I'll keep you updated.
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