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Talking Want to buy a W124

Thanks to all you W124 owners for your great advice on what to look out for in this car. I feel a lot better now after reading all the notes on the car's possible failures at that age and mileage driven. I guess if I do go ahead and buy one, I will have to expect quite a lot of dollars to be spent on fixing those faulty and failed parts in the car unless I get a Benz expert to fully check the car and report to me before I sign the contract and cheque.

I have not decided against the car yet and may go further and look for one which has a complete history or belongs to relatives or close friends who will tell me the complete truth about it.

I just like the looks of the W124 of that age although the later update with the inset radiator grille looks better and the side mouldings also give it a more luxurious look. The next model with the 4 seperate round headlamps don't look so nice.

I am in Australia and we have right hand drive cars here, but some Corvettes have been imported and switched to RHD over here due to the good demand for them.

Thanks guys and keep this news coming as I will need more advice from you guys, cheers!
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