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Hello All,

The brilliant silver ’01 SLK320 I ordered came in on Sat. 8/5 (Northern California) and when I was looking over the car, I found three items for the dealership to fix.

1)Passenger side mirror: just above the turn signal indicator, four scratch marks, total area of 3/8” x 3/8”.
2)Driver door: about 7 inches below the side mirror, a 1/4” rock chip.
3)Front bumper: front plate area, two holes. (after I had stated to the salesperson two times before the car came in for them not to install the front plate bracket, the person detailing the car didn’t read the not-to instructions on the checklist)

My solution: fix two of the items and put on a new bumper.

The salesperson solution: take delivery and the three items will be fixed by their regular body shop (no other silver SLK on the lot to exchange bumpers with).

My counter solution: fix the three items and then I will decide if I will take delivery.

Salesperson counter: take delivery or place another order.

I then spoke to the general manager regarding the car.

GM solution: They will fix the three items at their regular body shop and then for me to come back on Wed. to inspect the repairs before taking delivery.

What should I look out for when inspecting the repair areas?

Will the paint of the repair areas change over the years?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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