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Thats basically it when it comes to important differences engine hp and outside cosmetics like lights. But Europeans have so much say as to what goes into their Benzes trim wise. So things like a sunroof, ac, leather, wood paneling, adjustable steering, electric windows (you can have manual windows in the back and electric up front if you want), rear bench seats and electronic seat controls can ALL be optioned in or out depending on your taste and preference. Lets not even start with the engine choices they get Emmision standards vary all over the world also. Depending on where you get the car from. The UK is notorious for low standards whereas the Swiss are on par with California.
In the future hopefully everything will level out but there are some powerful lobbies in all countries that like it the way it is. Afterall what would happen to the US dealer if you could just get a benz from Jakarta or Brazil. How about vice versa.

Just some info.....
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