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Originally posted by Herr Leber
But dont the front seats move foward automatically for easier access to the rear?
"Easier" is different from "easy." It's still a tough job, and as your munchkin grows, it'll get difficult. Eventually, they'll be able to hop in and out on their own, but in the meantime, youch. My daughter is going to be four in July, and can handily get in and out of the car herself now.

When they move from the infant seat to the toddler seat, the seat is "installed" in the car. You have to heft the one year old child into and out of the seat, and then climb in and out yourself to buckle and unbuckle them.

G-Benz is right about all the "stuff" that goes along, but it can be pared down if need be. Our C-Class was/is more than big enough, even for extended car trips.

Buy rubber MB floor mats and use them in the back year round. Make sure you cover the seat when putting the seat in, especially when they're big enough to put muddy boots past the bottom of the car seat.

Mercedes sells the best infant car seat, and it has BabySmart in case someone uses it in the front. We've used all the MB seats, and find them superb. People balk at the price, but so what? It's your child.

We also have the back-of-the-seat MB toy holder. VERY worthwhile if you travel by car. Neat touch in that the fabric matches the car seat, for those among us "fashion conscious" enough to pay attention to such things.
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