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HELP HELP !!!! Lamp Socket w210 1998

Help. I was replacing the front clear cornering bulbs when the lamp socket broke, No big deal. I went to the dealership to purchase a new lamp socket. they said that it was a replacement kit part# A210 826 06 82
The kit comes with 2 lamp sockets with pigtail attached... The million dollar question is... The pig tails have a built in resistor in the grey wire, the brown wire doesn't.. Ok I check the car and the grey wire has a resistor in it also... there is no way to connect the new lamp socket without cutting the wired and adding some clips for the male clips that came on the new sockets. Also does the resistor need to be replaced with the new one or should I add the resistor to the existing one. Maybe it is a fix for the burnt bulb syndrome.. Or will it screw up the Lamp defective circuit...

Help Help
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