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Old 03-27-2003, 07:17 PM
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they're sooty and wore slap dab out. i took it for a longer drive today (about 5 miles) and the smoking defineatly improved (lessened) by the time i got back. when i started it was putting out great billowing clouds and after a few miles it calmed down to a light haze. i think before i freak out over it i'm going to replace the bad camshaft, change the oil & filters and do an ignition tune up.
now i found a new gremlin though. during the test drive i started hearing a click click noise (like a relay)coming from i think the center console area but it might be underdash on the passenger side. it was a pretty regular click click while the car was in motion (but not speed sympathetic). it was also intermittent and even did it a few times with the car at rest. bizarre
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