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Originally Posted by Graham View Post
There was a long discussion about these on BW.
Somehow missed those in my E.P.C. search, so thank you Graham for informing us of them.

Read it and saved the one for Macintosh if so desire.

Originally Posted by Graham View Post
There have been several posts about the dangers etc of using these eBay EPC disks. But haven't heard of anyone actually having a problem.
If concerned, there is no need to be connected to internet while using the XP virtual machine that gets installed.
If concerned about viruses on disks, make sure you run your virus checker.
Buy from vendor with a very high feedback rating.
If disks do not install properly at first, give them a good clean. I and at least one other owner had to do that.
Originally Posted by dude99 View Post
I too would suggest getting an old lapto to run this on and not letting it connect to the internet. As said above they are notorious for having malware in them.
Somewhere (lot of stuff jammed into every crevice), have a XP desktop that because of a glitch on the motherboard, can't hook up to the internet, so that be a good machine. However, would have to find it...

Instead, just not use the internet while running the virtual machine. Heck, don't have any antivirus on the Microsoft desktop (oft not hooked up to the internet) or the Macintosh laptop, as haven't found a free one that trust. So far, nothing noticeable.

But, if did have an issue, can clean up and then run it on the other machine. In short, good ideas, thank you.
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