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On a tangent about how to get the disk to run: My 126 FSM quit running after XP.

I have the files extracted and stored with the default folder structure. Mercedes breaks the FSM up into Body, Chassis, Electrical etc. There is a htm file and a swf (Flash) file for each vehicle for each category. The htm file is simply there to look pretty and hold the embedded swf file. The swf has the actual menu to help locate the individual pdf files.

ie 300SD body, chassis, electrical .htm & .swf.

You only need to find the correct swf file and run it. The swf is essentially a menu that causes the FSM pdf file to download via your default browser into the download directory. Simply open the pdf and you have the FSM.

Perhaps the epc works the same way. Send me a PM if you want a link to the FSM.
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