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Headliner Water Leak, '86 300E

Hello All,

In my ‘86 300E—I had a drip the other day on my driver’s side A-Pillar. At the spot where the wide visor plastic panel meets the a-pillar plastic trim—from above the velour door padding. I know water goes a long way in boats and cars, but does anyone know where is this coming from? I am in Seattle, and this happened the morning after a rainy night after a warm sunny day. Car was on a slight incline, nose down. It has not repeated itself in 3 days but we have not had that much rain. My theory is that warm sun heated everything up enough, with my Anthracite body color, to separate or crack the old sunroof drain. But, could it be getting in anywhere else from the roof?

Many Thanks,
1986 300E Anthracite + ECodes + MB Mileage Award
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