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Originally Posted by Botnst View Post
Concerning Israel.... its complicated.

Their long term military strategy has never failed. They change tactics as situations change. The upper echelon is very flexible of mind and has unwavering devotion to their cause.

Politically, Israel of today is little different from biblical Israel. It's hubris will be its destruction. Ask Jeremiah.

Israel has a good grasp of self preservation on the military side. It is penny foolish on the political side. And Netanyahu is the principal reason. He is all-in for "peace through strength" and totally intransigent on the diplomatic side. I understand why (they are on a fine balance between survival and annihilation), but I think it horribly misdirected. But that's a different topic.
If there is anyone TRULY interested in learning about Israel and Israelites, Genesis and Exodus should be on their must read list.
Psalm 53:1
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