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As a modern electrical system the alarm in your car is about as simple as it gets. Three locks transmit either a arm or a disarm signal. They also have equal priority. Once armed the systme monitors simple off/on switches.

Intermittants can be a problem as the system has no self-diagnostics, but if you have the clicking the system is in alarm mode. It seems that two of the three people that have worked on it have just tried to defeat it. Was that your idea?? If so they will have to do a better job, I would just disconnect the controller if thats what you want.

If you want it fixed then you need to tell them that and expect to pay once for it. I have a problem with the fact that three different people worked on the problem. That has to be your fault, it isn't the car that's wandering all over town.

Pick one of those that attempted a by-pass fix and tell them what you want. If you asked for a by-pass and paid for it then go get your moneys worth.

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