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I noticed a familiar grinding sound coming from the right rear yesterday on my 240D. I pulled the wheel, ASAP, and found the inner brake pad was 99.9% gone. The outer pad still had better than 75% left on it.

I checked the other wheel and it was not as bad, but still was showing far more wear on the inner pad than the outer pad.

The fronts are wearing about even.

Do I need to rebuild the caliper, or is it better (easier) to buy a re-manufactured unit for the rear brakes? Can these be repaired efficiently. What causes this problem, exactly.

By-the-way, the rotor suffered only minimal scratches... not enough to need resurfacing.

Thanks in advance for info.

76 240D (W115) - 550K miles
78 300D (W123) - 200K+ miles
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