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Brake pad replacement (recommendations)

Hi, I have recently worn my brake pads down enough so that my sensor light is going off so I know I need them replaced soon. I'm just looking over some of the pads available off of the parts shop and I'm confused by all the brands and which is best. Can anyone recommend one? OEM or aftermarket? Which type? I really don't want to spend too much but most of them seem to be about the same price.

On a side note, maybe someone could help me with another problem I've had with my brakes. Off and on for probably 4-5 months now, I;ve noticed my brakes do this pulse lock type thing. When I'm traveling at really low speeds like rolling to a stop sign or something and I go to push on the brake, it will make this buzz noise and the pedal will go hard to where I can push on it but it's almost solid and it doesn't stop very fast. I can descibe the pedal feeling as if the pedal was up against a rotating wheel with chunks cut out of it and the wheel is spinning... because I can push down and it just goes solid but then it will like pulse while making the buzzing sound. I don't know, it's kinda hard to explain but it's really obvious and sort of scary.

Another time I notice it is when I seem to lose traction, like on snow if I start to slide or if I hit my brakes so hard on a wet surface that I almost skid, then my brakes do that weird thing and they don't really work which is pretty scary. I'm thinking it might have something to do with ABS but I hope it's not too expensive to fix.

Your suggestions and help is appreciated, thanks.

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